Exciting Announcement

Caring for Carers has been a huge resource in our community for over 20 years. At the end of last year, Caring for Carers had to close its doors due to financial restraints. When I heard the news, I was determined that such a valuable resource needed to continue. Being so passionate about Carers in our community I am delighted to introduce my new venture Caring for the Carers which is aimed at giving back to the care community.

Caring for the Carers is:

  • A voluntary group
  • Ideally seen as a supporter of family members looking after a loved one who requires special care
  • Privately funded by the Florence Nightingale Agency

I am delighted to announce that both Alecia and Elaine, who you will remember well from Caring for Carers, will help me ensure the good work continues under Caring for the Carers. In addition, my Agency has just celebrated 20 years in business which has evolved over the years to be able to offer a wide range of resources and knowledge which I feel can benefit all Carers whether in the form of volunteer visits from my team, provision of support from a social worker or advice.  Sometimes, just being able to meet at gatherings of other Carers facing similar issues is all Carers are looking for.

The support we are able to offer includes:

  • Monthly coffee and support groups
  • Social worker/ office or home visits
  • Information and resources
  • Advocacy
  • A listening ear
  • Telephone support
  • Social outings
  • Guest speakers
  • Introducing “My Advanced Care Plan
  • Peer Support

 I welcome any new family members whom you feel would be suited to our service.  Please feel free to pass on our contact details or email me personally heather@florence2care.co.nz.

Best wishes
Heather Peterson

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