The Florence Nightingale agency provides a wide range of personal care services to ensure the well-being, safety and security of our clients.

This category of care includes services and activities related to assisting the client with the day-to-day activities of life.

Included in this category of services are:

  • Developing personal skills such as planning, personal orientation, task completion, emotional stability and communication
  • Giving support to protect the client from further injury in their normal home environment
  • Coaching in activities of daily living, in conveying and receiving information and in interacting with other people
  • Assistance with eating, drinking, observing/monitoring intake, assisting with adherence with special diets such as mildly thick and liquid fluids, soft diets, minced and moist diets
  • Assistance with personal grooming activities, including hair maintenance and teeth cleaning
  • Assistance with dressing and undressing, transferring into and out of bath or shower, washing and drying, hair washing, observing/monitoring condition of skin/scalp
  • Physically assisting with the client’s mobility inside and outside their home and away from home for the purpose of facilitating any activities related to the client’s care
  • Assistance with transfers to and from toilet/commode and hygiene activities, assistance with use of appliances and aids such as day/night urinary collection bags,and associated hygiene
  • Transferring from chair to bed/ bed to chair ensuring safe mobility around the home, ensure aids such as walking sticks, frames and wheelchairs are maintained and safe
  • Assisting with personal tasks where the client attends a tertiary educational institution