The Florence Nightingale Agency provides a wide range of services to support those recovering in their own home from serious injury or those who require on-going support.  These services are delivered by carers who are compassionate and experienced in the support of those requiring more complex care. As well as being available to clients for whom funding is available, this service is provided to private clients. Services provided under this category of care include:

Full 24 hour support of head and spinal injury clients.

This involves the full support of these clients in all of their activities of daily living including; personal hygiene, housework, childcare, feeding, toileting, shopping and home help.

Working with multidisciplinary teams in ensuring the effective rehabilitation of clients

This involves working with health professionals including; Occupational Therapists, GPs, Physiotherapists, Speech Therapists, Social Workers and Psych. Teams to ensure the optimal support of clients.

Client outings

Recovering clients benefit from participating in day to day activities as much as possible. This holistic approach to client care, requires that carers take their clients on regular outings to access the community.

Respite care to relieve family members

It is essential that family members who are involved in the long term care of their loved ones are able to take a break from their responsibilities, confident in the knowledge that their charges are being safely cared for.  Our Serious Injury Team will take over during your absence giving you total peace of mind.

Supporting recovering clients in regaining employment

We are aware of the importance of recovering individuals returning to the workforce as soon as possible.  We are happy to facilitate this in a number of ways.  Services provided in this area include:

  • Source potential employers
  • Assist with job applications
  • Transport to and attendance at interviews
  • Assistance with job coaching